What We Offer

We have car wash jobs, and manager recruitment

We operate car washes

We build car washes

Sometimes we operate car washes for other people

We fix what’s wrong with other peoples car washes too

We occasionally sell some of our own car washes.

Basically we are car wash guys, we are operators. We don’t sell equipment or chemicals or towels.

So if you are wanting to sell your car wash, for any reason, drop us a line. 

Looking to Sell Your Wash?

We know there are many reasons for selling your investment.


Unhappy with current ROI

Pursuing new investments

If it’s out of our normal scope and we don’t want to buy it, we have a network of qualified buyers who may want to buy your car wash.

So, you can:     

  • Sell it to us     
  • Sell it to someone in our network     
  • Perhaps we could help to show you how to run it better     
  • Have us run it for you as an operating partner

Contact Us:

Email us, or for faster answers give us a call! 435-289-9274 or 435-BUY-WASH